The importance of reviews



I have always been an avid reader and prior to becoming an author I would never leave a review at the completion of an e-book. I know that books are subjective so I felt it would make little difference to someone what I had to say about the book I had read.

Now that I’m a published author my perspective has changed completely. I never realised the weighting that Amazon puts on books based upon the number of reviews and their star rating. The best way you can support an author is to leave a review. It helps their ranking and affects the way Amazon lists the book and recommends it to readers.

If you appreciate the creative skill, the time and effort an author puts into writing something that has transported you into your imagination, please take a few minutes to leave a review.

If you are interested in reading my new novel ‘In Another Life’, it will be free on Amazon Kindle this weekend (Aug 6 & 7). I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review!


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Thank you to all my blog supporters – today my blog, Truth About Parenting, turns one. Just over a year ago, I had no idea how to post a blog or even if anyone would want to read what I had to write! I just knew that I would relish the opportunity to write regularly and with almost 17 years experience in parenting, it seemed like a topic with endless material.

I began writing daily but felt I was bombarding people with my blog posts (plus I wanted a life to do other things too), so I now post bi-weekly. Over the past twelve months I have written 138 posts, had over 5,000 reads and have over 1,200 followers. I am humbled by the fact that I have had people from all around the world reading and commenting on my posts.

I have had a few giggles from terms used in search engines that lead the people to my blog. The latest chuckle I had was last week when I wrote a post about Trick or Treating and a search engine term was “Trick or treat, now get the f@#* off my property” – I’m not sure why my blog was recommended, but thanks to that person for reading it all the same.

The most popular post has been “Awkward birds and bees questions”. It seems I’m not alone in being asked some tricky questions when explaining the facts of life!

I wanted to take the opportunity today to thank everyone who has read my blog and to encourage you to share it (either through social media or my website if you think you know someone who would also enjoy reading my short ramblings on parenting!

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