Today is my last day of freedom for eight weeks, as my children finish school for the year. Overnight I will transform into a taxi driver, entertainment co-ordinator and ATM.  

As the kids finish up their school year, I have been reflecting upon how much they have grown (physically and emotionally) over the year.  A great deal of this increased maturity can be attributed to the attention given to them from their teachers.

It takes a special type of person to be a schoolteacher as they take on the role of nurturing, guiding and educating kids. I help in the classroom on occasion and as much as I think it is really worthwhile, I also can’t wait until the allotted time is up and I am relinquished of my duty to oversee twenty enthusiastic (and some not so enthusiastic) children.

I think it is an amazing feat that the teacher can even be heard over the kids. I’m particularly in awe of the teacher’s simple clap of the hands that transforms the room into a quiet space where the children listen to her requests. Maybe I should have mastered the special clap to get my kids to listen to me at home, but perhaps that magic only works in a classroom.

Our school sends home not only a report at the end of the year, but a portfolio of the kids work as well.  The portfolio gives us a great insight into the changes in the style and quality of our kids work from the beginning of the year until the end. It’s lovely to have a keepsake to look back on as they grow up.

So today I would like to pay tribute to all the hard working teachers out there. Thank you for helping to educate the next generation and for entertaining them all year long. You deserve a well-earned break! As I take over the reins of amusing my kids all day, every day for the next eight weeks, I hope that all teachers have a relaxing holiday, so that they can return with vitality and vigour to fill our kids brains with wonderment and knowledge in the new year.