The importance of reviews



I have always been an avid reader and prior to becoming an author I would never leave a review at the completion of an e-book. I know that books are subjective so I felt it would make little difference to someone what I had to say about the book I had read.

Now that I’m a published author my perspective has changed completely. I never realised the weighting that Amazon puts on books based upon the number of reviews and their star rating. The best way you can support an author is to leave a review. It helps their ranking and affects the way Amazon lists the book and recommends it to readers.

If you appreciate the creative skill, the time and effort an author puts into writing something that has transported you into your imagination, please take a few minutes to leave a review.

If you are interested in reading my new novel ‘In Another Life’, it will be free on Amazon Kindle this weekend (Aug 6 & 7). I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review!


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When our eldest daughter was only 18 months old we would take her outside at night to show her the moon and stars. She was quite literally star struck and would spend as much time as we would allow looking up into the night sky. Each night as she would get ready for bed she would ask with her limited vocabulary ‘see moon and stars’ and we would take her outside for a while as we were just as mesmerised by her awe as she was by the stars.

Fast forward fifteen years and she still finds the night sky beautiful. The other night, whilst staying on our boat, we thought she had gone to bed only to find she had in fact climbed on to the roof of our boat and was lying there looking at the constellations.

Looking at the sky littered with tiny twinkling stars really puts our lives in perspective. When you think earth is just another speck in the universe, our country just a small portion of earth and our location like a freckle on our country, our issues are really so insignificant in the scheme of the whole universe. It is humbling to think a teenager can recognise this, considering for the most part they normally think the world revolves around them!

So tonight if you get the chance, go outside, wish on the first star you see and take time to revel in the beauty of our universe, because if an infant child can appreciate that beauty then surely we shouldn’t take it for granted.


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