I’ve finally done it!

I’m so excited to announce that after years of blogging, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and have published my first book on Amazon Kindle.

Music Score is a novel aimed at teens/young adults.

Raised by musician parents, Barb always had a love of creating, playing and listening to music.

Barb is outraged when she discovers her dad is responsible for creating music with subliminal tracks used by the government as propaganda to brainwash an unsuspecting public. She covertly changes the hidden tracks only to find that within a few weeks there is social unrest, with anti-government protests and rioting. Realizing she is responsible, Barb and her dad record a song with a subliminal track to calm the demonstrators. Performing this song live in the combat zone, Barb not only calms the rioters but becomes an overnight sensation in the media.

Before she knows it, Barb is a celebrity with a recording contract and starts a new romance with Jake, who stars in her music video.

It all seems too good to be true and maybe it is!

Just as Barb is preparing to fly overseas on a promotional tour, she discovers her dad has laid down subliminal tracks in her music to make people like her. Wanting to achieve success on her own merits, Barb gets her dad to edit the songs to remove the hidden track. Will her success and new found love wither without the subliminal messages or do her fans and Jake really like her for who she is?

If you are interested in reading my book or have a teen who would enjoy it, simply click this link to go to the Amazon Store to download:

Music Score

While you’re at it, you might like to check out my new website http://www.joannenicholsonauthor.com



Couples generally become parents as an extension of their love and commitment to each other. What starts out as a beautiful romance culminates in creating a family together, but it is often difficult to remember the romantic days of the start of your relationship when you are being pulled in so many directions. 

Having kids changes your priorities and all too often the person who used to be your number one priority in life slips down the list. Your partner can fend for himself so his needs are not as pressing as those of your sweet and innocent baby who requires your total care and attention. And honestly – it is exhausting!

It is hard to try to nurture your relationship when you have kids, but it is vital as this is a journey you are on together. This adventure all began from your love for each other and so it should continue, so that once the kids are grown up, you and your partner still remain connected.

Don’t get caught in the trap of just turning into the kid’s parents. You need to keep your identity and keep a healthy loving relationship as not only is it beneficial for you, but it sets a great example for your children to know what a loving, committed relationship looks like.

My advice is to make time to go on dates, share interests beyond just the kids, remind each other of why you love one another, make romantic gestures and communicate. Your kids will all grow up and leave home one day and that should be just the start of your next adventure together, not a time that you are left staring at a stranger who bares a resemblance to a man you once loved.

Happy Valentines Day!



(Picture courtesy of nixxphotography, freedigitalphotos.net)