Pop Up Frustration

  As I sit in a park writing this post I silently giggle to myself at a well meaning grandma wrestling with ‘pop up’ soccer goals. 

My amusement stems from the countless times I’ve found myself in the same position with pop up goals, sun shelters and tents. It’s like the inventors of these products number one priority when designing was how they could best humiliate parents in public. 

I once literally wrestled with a sun shelter for at least half an hour on a crowded beach. It first brought sniggers from my husband but by the end of the ordeal I was sure that I was entertaining the whole beach. I didn’t want to give in! Eventually I succumbed to following the instructions which I found printed on a tag inside the bag and low and behold it actually collapsed into a neat circle to be packed away within seconds. 
I thought after that experience that I had learned the key to collapsible shelters but to this day every time I touch one of those things it ends in frustrated groans. There must be a sweet spot that I can never seem to find. 

I’ve now just watched the granny carry the soccer goals (fully open) over towards her car. At least she has the sense to give up early. I feel bad that I haven’t offered her assistance but given my track record I think she’s found the perfect solution! 

Surely I’m not alone in this frustration. Have you had a similar experience?