I have noticed in the Twittersphere that there is a lot of hype around Thanksgiving at this time of year. Obviously in Australia we don’t celebrate this holiday, however our family has its own tradition when we sit around the dinner table.


I used to ask the kids what they had done at school that day and the response was normally ‘nothing much’, leaving me wondering why we were paying private school fees for them to sit around all day. We then introduced ‘highlights’ to our dinner routine, where each person around the table takes the opportunity to talk about what the highlight of their day was. It turns out the kids don’t actually sit around all day and in fact their days are varied and fun. Stating your highlight to the family gives each person a chance to be in the spotlight, as usually the dominant personalities generally control the flow of conversation. It also gives us an insight into what has gone on in the child’s day and to see what things they find fun/interesting/comforting. It also puts a positive spin on the events of the day.

My husband will often just say his highlight is ‘sitting down to dinner with his gorgeous family’; which is not a momentous occasion, but given he has been at work all day he doesn’t have a huge choice of events from which to choose. That, or he is tired from work and chooses the path of least resistance – sucking up to his family!

I have one child who often finds it hard to narrow her highlights down to one event and may list a whole heap of experiences as her ‘highlight’. Whilst we try to encourage her to choose her absolute favourite time of the day, I feel so blessed that she is living a life where there are so many wonderful times that can be shortlisted.

Every now and again someone will try to throw in a lowlight for the day, but that brings the mood of the discussion down. Whilst I’m always happy to discuss any issues my kids are having, I prefer to do that one on one and keep the mood of the dinner table upbeat.

So whilst in our household we don’t have Thanksgiving once a year to remind us to be grateful, we have daily highlights to be appreciative every single day.





(Photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net)