My son recently mixed up the numbers on our digital oven clock. Up until that point I had never considered he had anything wrong with his eyesight.

I arranged for an appointment with an optometrist and he determined that whilst my son can focus on things at all distances, his eyes have trouble staying focused and they zoom in and out of focus, much like a camera lens when you are trying to take a photo.

Left untreated he said that he may develop a stigmatism and eventually the eyes would change shape to allow him to focus on one depth, probably leaving him short sighted. Unbeknownst to this optometrist, I’m short sighted with a stigmatism , so I took his advice and had him make my son glasses to wear in the classroom to help train his eyes to stay in focus.

I was worried that my son would feel embarrassed to wear his new glasses as I personally avoid wearing my glasses when I can. I expected him to choose frames that were the most inconspicuous so his peers wouldn’t notice his new glasses. Instead he chose Clark Kent styled black framed glasses and wears them proudly.

As a mother I was worried he may be bullied, getting called four eyes or nerd, but my fears were unfounded as he has embraced wearing his glasses. In fact, he was happy to report on the first day he wore them at school that most people commented that they thought they made him look handsome. I guess with anything in life, people can’t make you feel insecure, if you are secure within yourself. My only problem now is trying to ensure he doesn’t wear them in the playground – at over $700 a pair, I don’t want to have to replace them if they are lost or broken.

Hopefully a few years of preventative assistance now will save him from wearing glasses the rest of his life – transforming him from Clark Kent into Superman!