Anyone who has read my blog previously knows that our family enjoys boating and have a few friends that share our passion for time spent on the water.

The thing I love the most is seeing the kids interact – moving away from screen time and structured play.

The other morning some of our kids and their friends took the dinghy into the beach and spent hours creating their own fun. Years ago they discovered if you rubbed different coloured rocks with water you could make ‘face paint’. The kids were all painted – fairies for girls, snakes for boys.

After that was done they found flotsam and jetsam on the beach and painted them, before creating a ‘shop’ where they could use collected gems (rocks) to pay for the items they made. This imaginative and creative play borrowed some inspiration from minecraft but instead of the kids creating cyber worlds to interact with one another they used nature.

They were only about 100 metres away from us but they were really a world away. They only escaped that world briefly to come back to our boat for snacks and drinks to keep up their energy levels.

I’m sure our kids will look back on their childhood and reflect on days like that rather than the time they made a fort in minecraft!