I recently read a post by a mother who justified her choice to not breastfeed because she wanted to wear pretty bras and wanted the convenience of bottle-feeding over breastfeeding. The premise of her post was that it wasn’t a selfish choice, but I had to disagree. Research shows that breast milk is best for babies to help them gain improved immunity and is the perfect type of sustenance for growing babies.


Maybe this woman was trying to be witty by inferring wearing pretty lingerie was more important to her than her baby’s health. We all know how ugly maternity bras are, but in the scheme of motherhood, I think it is a rather small sacrifice to make! Furthermore, she has a better chance of slimming down to her pre-baby body if she breastfeeds, so that when she does put on that pretty lingerie she will look better in it! As for the convenience of bottlefeeding – what is more convenient than breastfeeding on demand where there is no preparation, sterilization or waiting for water to cool to the right temperature!


Having said that, I’m not a breastfeeding Nazi and I believe there are times when bottlefeeding is a better option for the mum and child:

–       If a mother doesn’t have sufficient supply and the baby isn’t thriving then formula is definitely necessary.

–       If a baby can’t attach properly and both mother and baby are suffering!

–       When there is a multiple birth and the logistics of feeding more than one baby at a time is required.


I would have thought that for all mothers the number one priority is their baby’s health. Of course the formulas for babies are great these days, but I believe they should be used as a last resort, not a choice based upon bras!



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