My eleven year old daughter is a go getter! She has always loved craft and collecting seashells, so the other day I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when she announced she was going to start a business making frames decorated with shells.
I suggested she make the photo frames and mirrors more diverse than just shells, so she started creating them using Lego blocks, glass beads and buttons as well.
This venture combines her love of craft with her entrepreneurial flair. She knows she is too young to be employed so she has decided to start her own business to make money!
She has come up with a name for her business ‘Ames Frames’, has set up a dedicated Instagram account, has determined prices and worked out the running costs for her business. Next she wants to set up an ebay account and a website for sales.
At that age I had no idea about sales and marketing or profit and loss.
I’m so proud of her drive and determination to take on this venture. If this is what she is doing at eleven, I can only wonder what she will be able to achieve in the future!