Once every seven years we have this phenomenon occur in our household – a day where two celebrations clash with each other. This year happened to be the year for it: where our son’s birthday fell on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day normally consists of my husband having a sleep in then breakfast in bed accompanied by gifts and then followed by a relaxing day. Our son’s birthday is normally the opposite! He likes to get presents bright and early and then we fill in the day with fun activities.

So a dilemma presented itself, as it does once every seven years, how do we make each of them feel special on their day of celebration?

Our day started at 5.30am when our son came bounding into our room in the hope of receiving his presents – no sleep in for Father’s Day! After patiently waiting an hour and a half we agreed to wake his sisters at 7am so he could have his gifts. Propped up in bed side by side, the kings of the household in turn received birthday presents and Father’s Day gifts.

As a combined celebration we went to a café for breakfast before returning home so our son could play with his new gifts whilst my husband researched movie times to take our son to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought what an amazing father he truly is to give up his day of relaxation to help my son celebrate his birthday. How selfless of him I thought – until I found out later that Megan Fox stars in the movie, at which point I began to wonder if the movie outing might have been for my husband’s benefit too!

The day may not have been a dedicated celebration for either of them, but as they love and adore each other, it was lovely to see them sharing their special day together. We now have seven more years until we have a clash of these celebrations again!



(Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles,