New Release – In Another Life

In_Another_LifeI’m really excited to announce that my latest novel, ‘In Another Life‘, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Lily hopes to find a connection with her late mother by doing a past life regression. She is taken back through her memories from childhood and then back to a previous life in the early 20th century in the country town of Bathurst in Australia. Lily is shocked to find out she was a male in her previous life and her Dad from this life was her brother. 

After the regression, Lily researches the places she saw in her memories and discovers her little sister from her past life is still alive as an elderly lady. Curiosity gets the better of Lily and she meets her sister from her past life to see whether they have a connection in the present.

As an indie author, I would really love your support in reading and sharing this new novel.


Imagine a ten year old boy and his seven year old brother are sent away for a holiday with family when their mother goes in for a gall bladder operation. Then imagine their dismay and grief to return from that holiday to find that their mother is dead and buried, with all traces of her existence removed from the house. 

Imagine these brothers then go for another holiday with family again a year later, returning to find their father had remarried without their knowledge.

Unfortunately, this is not a fictional tale; it is my father’s life.


One last bewildering thing about this story was fifty years later, when my father was told by a long lost relative that his mother had in fact died after an operation to remove a cancerous tumor, not a gall bladder operation. 

Maybe back in the 1950s cancer was considered something shameful and the lies and omissions were to protect the family’s reputation? My father and uncle were never allowed to discuss their mother and had no keepsakes to cherish in her memory. I assume acting like my Grandmother had never existed, was my Grandfather’s way of coping. 

I recently ordered my late Grandmother’s death certificate for my own selfish reasons of wanting to know her medical history and how that may impact on my health.

When I held her death certificate in my hands I was overwhelmed with sadness that this poor woman had not only died alone in hospital without her beloved sons by her side, but then her sons were denied the right to keep her memory alive after she was gone. 

She was the same age as I am now and her sons were similar ages to my youngest two kids. It breaks my heart when I imagine myself in her situation. Not only did she not live to see her young boys grow into men, she missed meeting their lovely wives and exceptional (cough, cough) grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Luckily my father’s step-mother was a loving mother to the boys and a caring grandmother to us, but she should have been an addition to the family not a replacement. When a mother dies, surely the very least that can be done is to allow her memory to live on through her kids.

So although I never got to meet my biological grandmother, I hope she knows she is not forgotten and that her legacy lives on through our family.


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The other day I overheard a very cute conversation between Master Eight and his older sister. They had been playing nicely and then he turned to her and sweetly said ‘Did I tell you that when I die, I’m going to leave my kids to you?’ She then ruffled his hair and said ‘Cool,’ before continuing with the game they had been playing.

It is such a complex thing to decide who should be the guardian of your children, and the fact that he has decide in advance of having kids, actually in advance of hitting puberty, who will look after his kids is very cute. For a little person with no real currency, he thought of the greatest asset he will ever have, and just bequeathed it to his sister.

The funny thing is that he bestowed this greatest honour not on his sister that he plays with the most, but the one with which he spends the least amount of time. I wonder whether he felt that she was playing with him in a maternal way that would make her a good mother to care for his kids, or he just wanted to verbalise his gratitude for her company in a greater way than just saying thanks.

Either way, it melted my heart to hear him tell his sister of his love and respect for her, even if it wasn’t put in those terms.






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