If there is one word that sends shivers down my spine it is the ‘C’ word – Cancer!


Today I am attending the funeral of a brave lady who recently lost her long battle with this insidious monster. She showed such courage and composure throughout her treatment. Her bravery was unbelievable. This lady was very entrenched in the school community and gave her all to support her sons.


This Mum was the epitome of an organized multitasker – she even planned her funeral down to the music and flowers and ensured her sons had suits purchased in readiness.


It breaks my heart to think that she will miss her son’s graduations, marriages and children. It seems so unfair that she has been robbed of such rights of passage.


She is just one of many brave mothers that I know who are currently fighting this devastating disease. I take my hat off to these women who are juggling the demands of motherhood with the dreadful reality of treatment.


I am in awe of the mental strength of these women and I wish I had a miracle cure to ease their suffering.


So when your kids are making a mess and being too noisy tonight, take a moment to be grateful that you are here to experience them growing up. I used hate the thought of growing old, but I now think it is a privilege – one that too many wonderful mothers will miss out on because of that hideous ‘C’ word.



Please feel free to share if you know someone affected by cancer.


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