Sitting under a clear blue winter’s sky I order a coffee to pass the time as I wait for my daughter and her friends to return from a jet boat ride on the harbour.

Today’s outing is a long planned surprise for one of my daughter’s friend’s birthday. They have been blessed with beautiful weather. Had this been arranged for 24 hours earlier they would have been stuck in rain – the droplets would have felt like needles on their skin.

A little nervous, but very excited, they donned purple jackets that made them resemble Telly Tubbies before climbing aboard the jet boat.

I love that they chose to have an experience together for their gift as opposed to more commercial gifts of clothes or beauty products.

On the car trip down they chatted about what adventures they want to have together when they leave school and I couldn’t help but wonder whether these grand plans made at the age of 15 will ever eventuate. I recall at the same age planning to work on a tropical island with a friend, but of course life got in the way and that dream faded, making way for more concrete plans for a career, marriage and a family.

Whether their musings translate into actions or not, the fact is that today they are forming last memories together. I look forward to hearing their excited chatter as they relay the twists and turns of their boat ride. Hopefully their Telly Tubbies jackets protect them and they don’t come back looking like drowned rats!



We are lucky to live in an amazing part if the world with beautiful waterways to explore.

Yesterday we were cruising on our boat and our youngest chose to watch a movie instead of take in the gorgeous scenery.

We came across the biggest pod of dolphins I have ever seen. About 50 of these beautiful creatures raced towards our boat to frolic in our wake and ride off the bow. It was one of those once in a lifetime moments when you are humbled by the experience of being so close to so many of these wild animals.

We called out to our son to come see this incredible spectacle, to which he replied, ‘It’s ok I’ve seen dolphins before. I don’t want to pause the movie.’ I couldn’t believe he was oblivious to the rarity of the situation and that he would choose a movie over such natural beauty. Of course we stopped his movie and made him join us, which in hindsight he was grateful for, although not initially.

Sometimes kids take things in their stride not realising the beauty and the privilege of the situation until it is over.

It’s not until you are an adult that you really marvel in nature’s beauty and appreciate how amazing the world around us is.

So until our kids have the maturity to recognise moments of natural glory, we will try to impress on them how lucky we are and take photos to share with them later in life.