The plan vs reality


I think parenting is a constant battle of coming to terms with the reality of a situation when it doesn’t live up to your plans.

In a perfect world we could predetermine our child’s behavior and the way in which we could deal with that behavior, but as with every aspect of life, we need to remain flexible and be willing to adjust the way in which we parent to suit the circumstances.

What works now, won’t always work and what works with one child won’t necessarily work with another.

The other day I met a new mother who said that before she had her baby she had decided that her bub would be fully breastfed and under no circumstances would she co-sleep or use a dummy. It turns out that to keep her sanity she now does all those things, but I think it shows resilience and flexibility to be able to change tact to find ways that work for you and your child.

I worry that too many people seem to shame parents for their way of parenting when we should support each other and understand that we don’t live in a perfect world with perfect children. We have to just do the best we can and not be too hard on ourselves if things deviate from our original plan.

There’s no right or wrong in parenting, there is what is just what is right for you at the time.

All parents are winging it and trying their best, so relax and don’t be so hard on yourself if things don’t turn out the way you originally planned.

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FREE ‘Horrorscopes’

I’ve been busy writing another short story so while I’m polishing that, I’ve made my short story ‘Horrorscopes’ free on Amazon on 26th and 27th July. 

When a frail old man is refused service in a cafe, as he can’t place his order electronically, he is ridiculed by the waiting patrons. In a rage he slams down a tattered old magazine on the counter before storming out of the cafe. 

As each of the waiting customers reads their horoscope in the discarded magazine they are surprised to find how accurate the prediction is, although not in the way they first thought. 

Warning: You may never look at your horoscope in the same way ever again!

Happy as a pig in mud


My son is a magnet for mud. I’m convinced it’s a genetic thing that is found in the xx chromosomes. My daughters have always avoided muddy puddles whereas my son seeks them. Recently my son went for a bike ride along a concrete path but he managed to veer off course through a quagmire disguised as a grassy reserve, which resulted in him and his bike becoming sprayed with mud. From afar his back resembled a newborn baby whose nappy has exploded up their back. Not content with this level on mud cover he decided to ditch the bike and literally paint his legs with the mud. He was literally as happy as a pig in mud!

Thankfully I always carry a picnic blanket in the boot of my car so my little mud loving son can be transported home.

When I recently collected him for a play date at his friend’s home I arrived to find him dressed in borrowed clothes and was handed a bag of wet (freshly washed) clothes and shoes. He and his friend had been playing in mud once again and had to be hosed down before they could go inside to change!

Maybe he is on to something! I know women pay good money to have mud wraps in order to turn back the clock – maybe that is why my son looks so young!

I guess it is a rite of passage for little boys to play in mud and he has so much fun with it that it is hard to be angry over stained clothes and muddy skin.

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The Grass Is Always Greener


Flash back to six weeks ago and I was looking forward to the kid’s school holidays. I’d had enough of making lunches and encouraging (nagging) my kid’s to leave for school on time. I was sick of ensuring the kids had all their homework done and then confirming that they remembered to pack it to hand in the following day. I was also tired of being mum’s taxi shuffling kids to their extra curricular activities. I was ready for a break from all that to enjoy our winter school holidays.

The first few days were heaven with the kids relieved to have no school commitments. I enjoyed lying in and not worrying about what the kids would have for lunch, until almost lunchtime. But after a few days of relaxing the kids missed their friends and we were launched into frenetic socializing with school friends. My mum’s taxi route didn’t end; it just altered to collecting and dropping off kids for play dates.

Fast forward to today, the last day of the school holidays, and I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school so I can get my days back to myself. I’m longing to not have to hear whining about how bored the kids are and can they just have an outing, a friend over or some type of junk food. These holidays it actually seemed that the more organized a special outing was, the more the kids whinged about how bored they were. The best times they had these holidays were when they were left to come up with their own game or way to fill in time. They actually managed to devise some creative ways to entertain themselves.

So on the eve of the kid’s return to school, they are looking depressed at the looming term, whilst I’m the one trying my hardest to not do my happy dance in front of them. Tomorrow I may have to take back the responsibility of getting the kid’s into their school routine again, but thankfully I will be able to return to my normal routine as well (which includes more blogging and writing). But ask me in six weeks time and I’ll be craving school holidays again, because as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side!

What do you prefer: school holidays or school term?

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