Teacher’s Kids


I have often wondered how kids whose parents are teachers at their school, feel about this arrangement. Of course it would be cool to have your parent at school any time you need a form signed or want canteen money, but from a social perspective I wonder whether it is difficult.

All my kids have friends whose parents teach at the school and I know from their experience it becomes awkward knowing what to call these teachers. They struggle with calling them by their title (Mr or Mrs) at school and then calling them by their first name in a social setting outside of school. It leaves them tending to not address them by any name for fear of either being too formal or too casual.

I think it is also a tad difficult for parents who teach at their kid’s school to make the same kind of connection with other parents as they are always held in a different regard – like anything said to them could end up being discussed with the school principal.

I have spoken with teachers who shop half an hour away from their home so that they don’t bump into kids from their school. Not only do they feel they are being stalked by the kids like they are paparazzi but they feel like the parents judge them by what is in their shopping trolley.

Of course I understand logistically it makes life easier if, as a teacher, you are positioned at your child’s school as then you get to see all their concerts, assemblies and carnivals, however maybe it is actually better for the child and the parent to go to different schools so that they can both have independent identities away from school.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure there are a lot of teachers out there that would have an opinion on this subject!

(Image courtesy of isosphere, freedigitalphotos.net)

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