No parent wants to put on their ‘grumpy parent hat’ when they are out in public. We all wish that our children were angels and that there would be no need to have to discipline their behaviour. Thankfully sometimes a silent glare is worth a thousand words.

There is the quizzical raised eyebrow ‘what do you think you are doing?’ look, the open eye ‘watch out buddy I’m watching you’ look and the heavy frown ‘stop misbehaving’ look. Such subtle looks are often a sufficient form of communication for your children to notice that you are not happy with their behaviour and rectify their actions without you having to verbally discipline them.


It got me to thinking that with the rise of the use of botox there must be a host of parents out there who can’t rely on this form of silent discipline as their kids wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an ‘I’m in trouble’ glare to a bored glazed over stare. Maybe we are going to have a generation of parents who will need to start using a form of hand gestures like the “Meet the Fokers” ‘I’m watching you’, the shrug of the shoulders for ‘what are you doing?’ and maybe a good old fashioned wag of the finger for ‘stop it now or else!’ Of course, the other alternative is for these parents to nag and chastise their kids, which would ruin the carefully created image of these parents being young and carefree!

Is it worth having a wrinkle free forehead if you have to sound like a grumpy mum? For the moment at least I will continue to endure having wrinkles so that I can have my arsenal of silent discipline stares!

Picture courtesy of David Castillo Dominici,

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