I dread a phone call or text from my children once they have left for school. It can only mean one of two things – they are feeling unwell, or more often than not, that they have forgotten to take things to school.

I understand we are all only human and we forget things at times, so I have been known to dash up to school with missing items (particularly the day my daughter forgot her entire school bag – don’t ask me how she managed to make it all the way to her classroom before realising something was amiss!)

However, over the years I have come to the realisation that my kids need to take on the responsibility of packing the items they need for their school day and that they should also suffer the consequences if they are not prepared. If children are reprimanded for not being organized, hopefully the next time they will make more of an effort to plan their day in advance.

In theory for most kids this is the case, but based upon my son’s efforts he struggles to get organized regardless of the consequences. I have a timetable printed out that is a visual reminder of what is on each day and I admit I do find myself prompting my son in the morning to make sure he has his instrument, gym clothes, library books etc but nagging and follow through on his behalf don’t necessarily correlate! At least he knows that I won’t be at his beck and call as a delivery person for items if he has forgotten something.

Unfortunately his forgetfulness is a two way street, he also regularly forgets to bring things home from school – homework being at the top of his list! My notes to his teachers often resemble a shopping list of items for him to pack into his bag to bring home. Any item of uniform that can be removed is often lost, as are any loose objects such as books, instruments and his diary. I’m still waiting for the day he takes responsibility for his things, but until that time I just wish I could staple his belongings to him, so they can’t be lost in transit.

What do you do to get your kid’s organized? Do you find yourself constantly taking forgotten items to school?

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