It started out as an innocent and educational experience to entertain the kids in the school holidays – a trip to the zoo with three mums and nine kids. Trying to capture this beautiful experience with photos to share, I was patiently encouraging the kids to look at me whilst standing in front of an elephant. The kids had other plans, as they could not turn their attention away from the elephant. Hysterics rang out from the four pre-teen boys who were captivated with; well let’s call it the elephant’s fifth leg!

Until this point I had been oblivious to the fact that the elephant’s trunk wasn’t the only thing swinging in the breeze. All the mums stopped trying to take photos as we zoned in on what must be the longest appendage in the animal kingdom! How this elephant’s long schlong didn’t have gravel rash was beyond me.


It took a while to quiet down the hysterics and loud exclamations about the size of his doodle. It is a unique type of embarrassment to hear a group of kids in your care, all yelling at each other whether they had seen the size of the elephant’s willy.

We managed to usher the kids away from the elephant enclosure to take in the seal show. As we watched on, the presenter ensured us we would be impressed by the next seal, which proceeded to balance on his front flippers exposing his excitement to crowd. I whispered to my friend that he wasn’t nearly as impressive as the elephant!

As the day drew to an end, we caught a gondola from the bottom entrance of the zoo back to the top, taking in the beautiful vista of Sydney Harbour. As it happens, the carriage goes straight over the elephant enclosure, which undid the good of all the distractions of the day, bringing the randy elephant back as the topic of discussion.

Our trip to the zoo was definitely entertaining and was absolutely an educational experience for us all – just not in the way that we had envisaged!


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