The eternal struggle as a parent is to decipher when your child is sick and should stay home for the day or if they are just feigning illness to get a day off school.

I’ve had times where I’ve given my child the benefit of the doubt to stay home and after a few hours they have suddenly perked up, having a complete recovery (usually mid way through the day when they know it isn’t worth taking them to school for the remainder of the day).

On the flip side, I’ve had times when I’ve been sure that my child is faking and sent them to school, only to receive a call from the school to advise me that my child is sick and needs to be collected.

I have a few criteria that I use to make my decision as to whether they should stay home:

  • Has a temperature
  • Has been up through the previous night
  • Is showing obvious signs of illness
  • Is willing to take pain medication (if needed)
  • Is willing to stay in bed or do educational work

I don’t accept tears as an indicator, as I have a few accomplished actors who can cry on cue – very convincingly I might add! If my child meets most of the above qualifying points then I figure they must be sick or at the very least, they are willing to commit to having an extremely boring day.

I don’t let my kids watch TV if they are home ‘sick’ as I believe that if they can sit quietly and watch television then they can sit quietly and listen to their teacher.

As I’m writing this I have master nine sitting in bed reading. He assures me he is too ill to go to school and given the fact that he scared the living daylights out of me when he tapped me on the shoulder to wake me at 3am to tell me his nose was running, I’ve decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I just hope he has a quick recovery so tomorrow I can catch up on all the things I was going to do today!

Has your child ever fooled you into giving them a ‘sick day’?

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One thought on “SICK DAY

  1. I figure if they don’t have a fever and they managed to get out of bed and eat breakfast, they’re good to go! Then again, there was this one time when I thought the boy was faking it and then I had to go pick him up after he vomited all over the place at daycare about 15 minutes after I dropped him off.

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