During the phase of introducing solids to babies, you need to trial one vegetable at a time to see if your child has a reaction. Throughout this time it’s not uncommon for a child’s skin to turn the colour of a bad spray tan if you are solely introducing an orange vegetable (pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot etc). Obviously it can be disturbing to see your child looking like an oompa loompa (you know the little helpers from the original; and in my opinion the best; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie), particularly if you are concerned that your baby has jaundice.

The orange tinting of the skin is just an overconsumption of carotene (the pigment in orange foods), which is harmless to their health. You can differentiate between this and jaundice by looking at the colour of your baby’s eyes. If the whites of their eyes are still white then it is not jaundice and you simply need to mix up your baby’s diet to include other foods that are not only orange in colour. Either that or you can embrace their new skin colour and dress your child up in a cute oompa loompa outfit and teach them to sing “oompa loompa doompa di do…..” – the choice is yours!


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