When my kids were young, my sister firmly cemented herself as a treasured aunty by the invention of her ‘magic pockets’. She would turn up on our doorstep with a beaming smile, arms wide open for a hug and within moments would be prompting the kids to see if anything had appeared in her magic pockets. Without fail my kids would find a lollypop or chocolate lurking in her pockets. They were mystified by the fact their aunty had treats that would magically appear whenever she came to visit them. As all good aunties do, she would fill her nieces and nephew with sugar and then depart, whilst I was left wondering if the kids were on a sugar high or just excited from seeing their aunty!

Now that my sister has kids of her own, her pockets aren’t so magical anymore – I guess because she now has first hand experience of children on a sugar high! The beautiful thing is the fact that now our kids don’t love seeing their aunty for the treats, but for her beaming smiles and hugs instead. She has developed such a treasured place in their hearts for the effort she put into them over the years.

My sister may not have magic pockets anymore, but she does still keep the fun alive by wrapping chocolate bars up as a pass the parcel game anytime we celebrate a birthday. She includes all the adults and I can categorically declare that you’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of that parcel stopping in your hands and unwrapping it to discover a calorie laden chocolate bar sitting there as your prize!

My sister is such a sweet person, that it seems only natural that she passes around the love with sweet treats. My kids hit the jackpot getting such a fun and loving aunty!

(Picture courtesy of Lamne,


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