At what point after your child has had an injury do you go from telling them that they will be fine to actually committing to getting an x-ray? I’ve struggled with this over the years. Children’s pain thresholds vary from one to another and it’s sometimes hard to gauge the severity of an injury. I’ve had a child screaming like they snapped their arm in two to find after an x-ray that there was no fracture, just a sprain and two kids seeming to be in mild discomfort to find out a few days later that they in fact had fractures. 

Last year one of my daughters fell whilst snowboarding and complained of sore wrists. She could wriggle her fingers so we didn’t think the injury was all that bad. After a day of rest, we then took her on the snow again. After her first run she complained the pain was too much. A ski-patrol assistant pressed down on the bone up near her elbow on each arm and asked if it hurt (which it did on both sides down at her wrist) then suggested we take her to the medical centre as he felt she may have fractured both wrists. After a few hours wait and a hideously expensive on-snow x-ray it was confirmed she had indeed broken both wrists. As parents we felt dreadful that we hadn’t sought medical attention earlier. On a positive note the swelling had subsided enough for them to put her immediately into plaster on both wrists. I expected I would have to do everything for her, but she was extremely resilient and still did everything as normal (including her chores). The only long lasting effect of this accident is her complete refusal to ever go on snow again!

Just recently our son hurt his chest whilst at an indoor trampoline centre. Trying to land a backflip he managed to hit his chin into his chest. He complained that it hurt off and on for a few days. The complaining was the loudest when he had to do a chore, but then he would say that it didn’t hurt too much if I suggested we get an x-ray and if there was damage that he wouldn’t be able to go snowboarding the following weekend. I truly thought it was just bruised and that his whining was just an excuse to get out of doing things he didn’t want to do. He went to the snow and was in mild discomfort until someone crashed into him. At that point he said he no longer wanted to be on the snow (which is like a chocoholic refusing chocolate!). I suggested to my husband that it may be worthwhile visiting the hideously expensive on snow medical centre for an x-ray and lo and behold, our son actually has a fractured sternum.

We can’t wrap our kids up in cotton wool, but I’m thinking that maybe we should look into getting shares in the on-snow medical centre!


Have your kids ever injured themselves and you thought they were fine; only to find out it was more serious than first expected?


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