Feature Film Jury Photocall -  65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

I was recently ordering a coffee when the waitress told me that I was the spitting image of Diane Kruger, the gorgeous young German actress. Feeling somewhat happy that a complete stranger would think I resemble any young actress, I walked around all day with a spring in my step and my ego inflated.

When my kids returned from school I googled an image of Diane Kruger and relaying the story of my day, asked them if they thought I looked like her.

The responses I got were, “Nup”, “Maybe if you were young.” and “If I took a photo of you and photoshopped it heaps you might look like her.”

And just like that my bubble burst and my ego got squashed in a way that only kids can unwittingly do. I was reminded of the fact that you should never ask your kids for their opinion if you don’t want the honest truth!



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