I have just returned from a family snow trip where we were blessed with the most perfect conditions we have ever experienced at the snow. When I say ‘family’ I mean with our two youngest kids, as our eldest is in Spain and our second eldest refuses to set foot on snow again after she broke both wrists snowboarding last year (that is a story for another day).

We drove through dumping snow to arrive at our accommodation to find the ground and cars covered in a blanket of soft, fluffy white snow.

The snowing stopped overnight, the next day dawned bright with blue skies and perfect powdery snow covered the resort. The only problem with this serene and idyllic environment was having our children in tow. When at the snow, our kids alternate from being hyperactively excited about the prospect of hitting the slopes to being so exhausted from skiing and boarding that they become tired and irritable. At one point, I was the scapegoat and berated for every fall and inconvenience they suffered because I looked at them, talked to them or tried to give them advice to overcome their problem.

I have to be honest and say there were times where I wished we had put our kids in ski school so my husband and I could just enjoy the freedom to explore the mountain in perfect conditions with barely any crowds to bother us. However, just as I would have those thoughts, the kids would perk up (usually after a decadent hot chocolate) and together we would go snaking down the mountain, high on the excitement of cruising down to the bottom of the slope. I was so proud to see the improvement in my kid’s skills and there were moments where I felt privileged that we are able to have this type of holiday.

After five days, we packed up our stinky snow gear, got the kids set with DVDs and loaded our weary bodies into the car for the long trip home.

It’s amazing how your washing seems to multiply when you go away for a few days. I’ve already done five loads of washing this morning and that has only just covered the snow gear!

This type of holiday is by no means relaxing (just ensuring your kids have put on the layers upon layers of clothing and equipment is enough to send you batty!)

However, it is a fun and exciting way for the family to enjoy the great outdoors whilst being physically active. It may even be healthy for you, if you don’t succumb to those hot chocolate stops and schnapps at the end of the day!

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