When you have small kids, being seen in public looking less than perfect becomes a way of life. It starts with unsightly dribble marks on your blouse or white residue of milk sick up on your shoulder. However, I must admit that I thought I was well and truly past those days!

Today I decided to give my kids worming chocolate (I do this as a precautionary measure every holidays). When they were younger I could convince them that it was a special treat, but they have wised up to that and are now less than enthusiastic about having it. As a bribe/sweetener I bought some real chocolate for them to eat to disguise the worming chocolate taste.

Multi-tasking as I do, I was driving and doling out these sweet treats when stopped at traffic lights. They all seemed happy enough with the deal and I was pleased there had been little fuss.

Once we reached our destination I got out of the car in my nice cream pants and was walking ahead of my children to a lot of giggling! I stopped at a counter in a very crowded airport and turned to find my son down on his knees sniffing the back of my pants. He then said at the top of his lungs, “Mum is that poo on your pants?” Try as I may, I could not see any offensive marks on my pants and thought perhaps he was just being cheeky, however my husband (who by the way was also sniggering at this time) took a photo to confirm that I did indeed have horrendous brown streaks on the back of my pants. I had inadvertently dropped some crumbs on chocolate on my seat and it had melted and imbedded itself in my pants. Of course, this whole scenario happened about two hours away from home, with no option for a wardrobe change.

I was mortified, whilst my son thought it was very entertaining! I made my kids walk behind me to try to hide the offending marks. The lesson I learnt is either a) don’t give your kids chocolate or b) don’t wear cream pants when in the company of children! To be honest, I’m surprised that I hadn’t learned these lessons a long time ago!

What wardrobe malfunction stories do you have? I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one who has humiliated myself in public!

(Photo courtesy of artur84, freedigitalphotos.net)

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