Have you ever noticed the difference the weather makes to your kid’s behaviour?

I find on a rainy day they are lethargic and only want to lie around watching television. A bright and sunny day seems to make them keen to get active swimming and running around. It is the windy days that seem to bring out the worst in kids.

On windy days kids seem to be whipped up by the wind. They seem to be full of energy without having anywhere to expel it.

I remember when my kids were in pre-school, one of their teachers confided in me that she dreaded windy days as it affected the kids’ behaviour so much. She said it turned them hyperactive and made them hard to control. Having just had a few days of windy conditions, I think I concur with her judgment. Combining ‘holiday hypos’ and windy weather is a lethal combination – one where kids act like you’ve just handed them a double shot of espresso and told them to go play.

I’ve checked the weather forecast for the next few days and thankfully it is predicting a calming change in my kid’s behaviour – or at least I hope so!


Have you noticed a change in your kid’s behaviour that correlates with the weather? Let me know your thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “WEATHER DEPENDENT  

  1. This is so true! I’m a teacher and the weather totally affects the kids mood and behaviour – and wind is the worst! I’ve also heard other teachers say the full moon makes kids behave badly too but I’m not so sure about that one 🙂

  2. Oh yes, I used to dread windy days when teaching and it definitely affects my boys too!

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