It starts about a week out from school holidays. There is a buzz of energy that passes through our children. No one does any work for the last week of school as reports have already been sent and the whole school seems to be in a wind-down mode.

Then the first day of holidays hits and my kids are well and truly hit by the ‘holiday hypos’. My husband coined the term a few years ago after finding the kids were hyperactive from being delirious with excitement at the thought of no school. In a kid’s world, it is the perfect storm: a chance to stay up late; go on fun excursions that leave them exhausted and a diet of convenience foods.

The ‘holiday hypos’ consist of very animated, giggly kids that are ready and raring to do every activity possible right here and now. They act a bit like they’ve consumed a few too many red cordials to help kick start their holiday.

I always forget that it takes a few days of the ‘holiday hypos’ for the kids to settle down into a semi-routine and get used to the freedom and fun that each day holds.

I guess I’m guilty of having a mini case of ‘holiday hypos’ myself – except it is more at the thought of having a chance to sleep in and getting a reprieve from making lunches before herding the kids off to school each day. Of course, it is just swapping one chore for another, as holidays see me turn into recreation organizer, ATM and taxi driver!

Do your kids suffer from ‘holiday hypos’? Do you have any tips on how to calm them down, or is it better to get swept up in it yourself?

(Image courtesy of Vlado,

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