I have long wondered whether the writers for kid’s television programs are tripping wildly on drugs as I often find it hard to believe that a sane person can write such weird and (in my kid’s eyes) wonderful stuff. 

When my kids were toddlers I thought ‘Teletubbies’ was odd when it first came on – who on earth comes up with four rotund fluffy characters that don’t speak English as being appropriate entertainment for kids? Then ‘In the Night Garden’ followed in its footsteps being equally as weird. My kids have now progressed to ‘Adventure Time’, which follows the two main characters (I’m not really sure how to class what they are because I’m confused as to whether it is a boy with a dog, or just two odd creations that defy description!) I find this show particularly mind numbing as I think you need to be stoned to understand the storylines. Then there is ‘Regular Show’ – which I might say is anything but regular! Yet again, I struggle to work out what its cast consists of: I think it’s a bird, a raccoon, a gumball machine and other characters that I struggle to identify. Who comes up with this stuff? Another recent addition to my kid’s viewing has been ‘Uncle Grandpa’ which maybe isn’t that strange – I think I know a few dysfunctional families where the Grandpa might also be the kid’s Uncle, so maybe I won’t comment on that concept.

Whatever happened to cartoons like the ‘Flintstones’? They were just your average stone-aged family holding down jobs at a quarry, socialising by going bowling and to drive-ins (which is quite a pre-historic thing to do in this day and age) with cute wives and gorgeous babies for whom they may or may not have been organizing an arranged marriage! They spoke English and the plots were easy to follow.

Our household has a no television rule for weekdays, so at least my exposure to my kid’s preferred shows is limited to weekends and school holidays, but I must admit since my kids are deprived of these shows during the week, they tend to want to overdose on them when they are free to watch television.

Perhaps these weird programs are aiming to educate our kids to be less racist, because if a raccoon can get on with a gumball machine then maybe people that are different to one another will learn to accept each other! Then again, maybe they are just brainwashing our kids into becoming morons – I’m not totally sure! If I sat and watched an episode the whole way through, maybe I could work out if there is a subliminal message, but then that would waste 11 minutes of my life!


What are your thoughts on the shows your kids watch? Love them or hate them – let me know!



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