I know this will make me sound ancient, but back in my day, kids had more respect for adults. As a child you only spoke to adults when spoken to, you would never have the audacity to back chat and you did what was expected of you because that’s what you were told to do.

Perhaps it was because we feared our parents! If we didn’t do as we were told or were rude, they could and would hit us, usually with whatever kitchen utensil was closest.

I’m not advocating hitting children but I think we are raising a generation who are very familiar with adults and with that familiarity comes a lack of respect for their elders. There are also no harsh penalties for misbehaving so kids push the limits without worrying about the consequences!

Kids these days have such comfortable lives they expect everything to be done for them. In my kids I notice a lack of appreciation for all they have and a lack of work ethic to earn money to buy things they want – they just expect they can ask for things and it is their right to receive them. Even when I give my kids the option of earning extra pocket money through doing additional chores, they generally choose to not take up that opportunity because of the effort involved.

The other day I was talking to a friend, questioning where I have gone wrong, as I’m trying to raise well-adjusted kids. I was relieved to hear that she suffers the same frustrations with her kids. Maybe it is a phase they will grow out of, or maybe it is a generational thing – just as our parents before us probably think we are a spoilt generation.

Perhaps the solution is to send our kids to a remote village in a third world country so they can see how fortunate they are in their everyday lives and maybe then they would have some appreciation for the privileged lives they lead. 

Realistically I think the only thing we can do is to be consistent with our values and hope that our kids will mature to adopt these in the way they live.


Do you feel like your kids sometimes don’t show you the respect that you deserve or that they are too spoilt? What have you done to address this?



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