It was a clear and warm Autumn day and I felt so blessed to be out walking my dog along the lakefront, breathing in the fresh air whilst watching others out also enjoying this lovely time of year.

As I walked towards a young mum with a beautiful baby girl in her pram I had to do a double take. She was holding a cigarette whilst pushing the pram, and I watched as the smoke from that cigarette wafted straight into her baby’s face.


I felt anger well up inside me as I struggled to understand how this mother could choose to fill her lungs with poisonous smoke. If it’s not bad enough that she doesn’t want to care for her own health, it is just wrong on every level to inflict passive smoke on her infant child.

There is an analogy for smoking that I use when talking about the habit with my kids. I ask them if someone told them that licking toads would make your breath stink, may give you cancer, could reduce your lung capacity, may give you premature wrinkles, would cost you thousands of dollars a year and you would become addicted to it, would you think it is cool to take up licking toads? Of course they say ‘No!’

I struggle to understand with all the health issues and the cost of smoking (it literally is money up in smoke!), that anyone in this day and age still smokes. If there was ever an incentive to give up smoking, wouldn’t the health of your innocent baby be reason enough?

I’m sorry if I have offended any smokers, but that baby can’t stand up for her rights and any decent mother wouldn’t put her child in a situation where she is exposed to having to breathe smoke into her pristine little lungs.




Image courtesy of tungphoto,


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