My eldest daughter has an art assignment due this week where she needs to create different textures and display them, then photograph people’s reactions to the textures. Some are nice to touch (soft faux fur, chenille yarn and cotton wool), others are interesting (lego, bubble wrap and fake grass) and others are a bit gross (sticky double sided tape and pre-chewed bubblegum).

My husband has a real aversion to gum and can’t stand the sight of anyone chewing gum. He gets high and mighty when pointing out black splodges of old gum on the pavement and rants about how all gum should be banned from society. He is such a gum Nazi that he has banned the kids having gum since they were young, so this week the kids have all been reveling in ‘assisting their sister with her artwork’. 

Our home has become a bubble gum chewing factory, with all the kids eagerly munching their way way through roughly 50 packets of mixed gum. Needless to say my husband is revolted by the texture being created, but that is the reaction my daughter is looking for when she finally displays her ‘artwork’.

Art is so subjective – what one person feels passionate about, is not necessarily the way another person reacts. I guess the same can be said for life, like my husband’s strong dislike for gum and how most of the world sees gum as an innocuous confectionery.

The art assignment is now complete, with the textures ready for display, so I will have to burst my kid’s bubble of happiness (mind the pun!) and explain to them that there is once again a moratorium on bubble gum in our home.


3 thoughts on “IN THE NAME OF ART  

  1. I am more revolted by the thought of running my hand over the cotton wool. I am sitting here with goosebumps just thinking about it. I can’t handle cotton wool balls, I can feel the fibres rubbing against each other. The gum does come second but only because of the immense amount of germs found in a mouth, other than that the texture wouldn’t bother me. It looks awesome though and would be a grat craft project to do with kids at home for fun.

    • I’m interested to see the responses my daughter photographs when they go on display. Maybe the cotton wool will be the one that makes people freak out 😉

      • it would certainly freak me out, I remember doing a project in year two and we had spread cotton wool out on a ceramic plate and use it as a medium to grow sunflower seeds in. The teacher had to do it for me. Must stop talking about it now 🙂

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