Who would have thought that I would have been so happy when my daughter caught Chickenpox? After all, my children had all been immunized against it, so I never expected that any of them would have contracted the disease.

But every cloud has a silver lining! Our family was holidaying in a Club Med Resort on a tropical island where all your food, drinks and entertainment are included in the accommodation fee. After a week of fun in the sun, we were almost at the end of our trip when my daughter broke out in small red blisters on her torso.

They looked suspiciously like Chickenpox, so I consulted the medical staff on the island who confirmed this diagnosis and then ordered that she be quarantined by staying in the room. To ease the boredom, they then delivered games, DVDs and colouring-in to the room to help keep her amused.

As Chickenpox is a communicable disease we weren’t allowed to fly, so I was forced (they really had to twist my arm!) to stay at the resort until her spots dried up. Imagine having to spend an extra week in a tropical resort fully paid for by travel insurance – life can be cruel (hehe!)

We would sit out on the balcony relaxing in the sun, watching people dancing by the pool (if you’ve ever been to Club Med you will know the attraction of watching people participate in choreographed dances). If we tired of this we would play games or read together. In fact, it was lovely one on one time with my daughter, who coped extremely well with the discomfort of the itchy disease.

I would periodically leave the room to fetch snacks, drinks or meals. As far as nursing sick kids goes, this was the very best case scenario!

By the time I was starting to get over being stuck in paradise, my daughter’s little red spots scabbed over and we were able to fly home.

Unfortunately, a few days after we returned, my son broke out in spots. This time I was stuck at home with him, without the entertainment of dancing tourists to keep me amused and I had to do all my family’s cooking and cleaning. It was really inconvenient that he couldn’t have broken out with Chickenpox whilst we were still at the resort!

Luckily the vaccination seemed to work for my two older daughters, as they never contracted Chickenpox. I can’t imagine what my mental state would have been like if all four kids had come down with it one after the other! There is a limit to how much time you can spend confined in one place – even if that place is a tropical paradise!


(Photo courtesy of papaija2008,


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