I wish I had been a fly on the wall when my son’s teacher reviewed the hand made Mother’s Day card he so beautifully created for me this year.


I’m not sure that I can show my face at school again, after my son decorated the card with a bottle of champagne and a glass. The glass was even decorated with an olive on the side, which makes it a James Bond’s martini kind of a drink – something that I don’t recall ever having! I’m sure the teachers laugh that he must have an alcoholic for a Mum for him to choose champagne as something near and dear to her heart! The funny thing is that I rarely drink during the week, only when I socialise on weekends. Maybe I need to put a note in my son’s diary to clarify this to his teacher.

What is also embarrassing is that he wrote the brand ‘Jacob’s Creek’ on the bottle. Couldn’t he have at least upgraded it to ‘Moet and Chandon’ instead of labeling it with the cheapest bottle of wine I drink?

My daughter also made me a beautiful card, which she tastefully decorated with flowers – at least her teacher may still have a shred of respect for me!

All jokes aside, I felt very loved on Mother’s Day when my children showered me with presents and hand made cards to show how much they love me. I’m lucky to have such gorgeous kids, even if they sometimes drive me to drink! Wink, Wink!


One thought on “HAND MADE WITH LOVE  

  1. This is so funny! I bet his teacher got a kick out of it too.

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