I’m afraid that on a scale of one to ten for caring for sick kids, I rank maybe a two, or three at best.

It’s not that I don’t want to take care of them (of course I would rather take care of healthy kids) but I struggle to be that rock that I know I should be. Particularly if there is vomit involved. 

At the sight, sound or smell of vomit I tend to start dry retching. This renders me totally useless to offer any assistance beyond trying to find a bucket or cleaning products to help. Thankfully my husband has a much stronger stomach, but I feel that emotionally I’m letting the kids down. I should be there stroking their backs and holding back their hair, but instead if I hang around, I’m vying for room over the bowl to purge myself!

I’ve had a daughter home sick for the last week, and whilst I was full of sympathy and kind words for the first few days, I must admit I’ve reached my limit of tolerance to how many grunts, groans and moans to which I can listen. She has given me a running commentary on exactly what symptoms she has, every second of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for her and I have done all that I can to help ease her symptoms but unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand that will instantly make her better. I’ve tried distracting her but she is totally absorbed with her illness and has no room to concentrate on anything other than how she feels at that moment. 

I’m just crossing my fingers that her dreaded lurgy doesn’t get passed to everyone else in the family because I’m not sure how I would cope with dealing with this another five times.

Needless to say, I’m trying everything in my power to ensure I don’t come down with this bug as I can’t call in sick and stay in bed all day. If I did, who would take over being Mum’s Taxi? 

On a serious note, it has made me stop and think about people who live with a child with a prolonged chronic illness and how draining it is not only for the child, but also the family members living their lives around it. It must be such a challenging experience for all involved.

It’s such a pity when we become mothers we are not given an instruction manual for raising our baby, together with a magic wand we could wave to take away any of their pain and suffering.



(Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici,


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