There is a very strange phenomenon that is occurring in my house at the moment. Items of clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories seem to mysteriously disappear from my room.

The problem with sharing the house with two teenage daughters, who by the way are almost as tall as me now, is that they see my wardrobe and toiletries as an extension of their own belongings.

This ‘borrowing’ phenomenon is not limited to my wardrobe either – my husband’s shirts and jumpers have also been known to wander.

The other day I was in the shower when I noticed my shampoo and razor had vanished into thin air. Of course I was a dripping mess by the time I came to this realization and had to wrap myself in a towel to do the dash to the kid’s bathroom to retrieve my things.

Just this morning I went to put on my joggers to go for a run, only to find they had disappeared. I sent a text to my oldest daughter, letting her know for the hundredth time that she can’t just take my stuff and received a text in return “sharing is caring J”

I don’t really mind lending clothes to my daughters if they ask in advance and return them after they’ve used them. However, I do worry that people will think that I’m raiding my daughter’s wardrobes if they spend too much time wearing my clothes.

In reality, the stream of borrowing is one way as I don’t want to wear the ‘trendy’ (aka skimpy) clothes teenagers seem to favour, nor wear their grubby converse.

I always wondered why some mothers dress in frumpy clothes that make them look years older than they are, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is their scheme to keep teenage daughters out of their wardrobe!



(Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic,


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