There is a curious thing I have noticed over the years – for some unknown reason, young boys seem to have an aversion to wearing underpants.

When my son was little, he was pretty good at getting himself dressed, with the exception of remembering to put on underpants. For all intents and purposes he would look dressed, until unfortunately, I would find him sitting cross-legged in wide legged shorts with his entire package on display for all to see. I would usually notice this when we were out and about and he was surrounded by a group of his peers.

I was always mortified, but he seemed to not care. I wasn’t sure if he was lazy, forgetful or just preferred to go ‘commando’.

I was discussing this recently with friends, who all confided that their boys had been the same. It seems we all had experiences where our sons ‘private parts’ weren’t being kept private enough. Thankfully pre-school aged girls don’t seem to take offence to be flashed inadvertently!

From a female’s perspective, I would have thought that boys would prefer to keep their dangly bits tucked away, but it seems that’s not the case. I was more likely to find my son running around the house with underpants on his head, than wearing them on his bottom.

My friend went to extent of laying out her son’s clothes (underpants and all) so he knew what to wear, but later in the day she would find his teddy bear dressed in the undies, whilst he had a bare (mind the pun) bum.

I’ve heard of the ‘Sisterhood of the travelling pants’, but this is more a case of the ‘Brotherhood of the disappearing pants’.

I assume this is something that boys grow out of over time, as I’m happy to confirm that my son did cease going ‘commando’ and now keeps his ‘toolbox’ contained.


If you have boys, did you find they had an aversion to wearing underpants?




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