Every few years a new fad rears it’s ugly head and the latest craze my kids have adopted is making loom band bracelets. For those who have been living under a rock for the last six months, loom bands are cheap little rubber bands (similar to those for braces) that are weaved together (much like our grandmother’s used to crochet) to make bracelets, necklaces, pen holders etc.

As with all good trends, a swarm of imitation kits are on the market and my younger kids just can’t seem to get enough of them. I mean really, how many necklaces and bracelets are enough? Soon my kids will end up looking like members of the Kayan tribe, with fluorescent bands all up their arms, legs and necks.

It is great to see them getting creative and enjoying craft type activities instead of screen time, but you know it has reached a point of saturation when you notice your husband nonchalantly leaving for work with a loom band ring on his finger!

We have weathered the trends of ‘Scoobies’ (plastic string that were weaved together to make bracelets), Pokemon cards and characters, jewellery beading, Lego (having just seen the movie I’m sure this passion will be reignited), ‘Beados’ (little bead things that stuck together with water) and ‘Stickits’ (foam pieces that are also stuck together with water).

I have decided I should come up with an idea for the next craze. There are a few keys things to consider:

  1. It must contain lots of little bits.
  2. It must be cheap and nasty to get the kids hooked.
  3. It must make parents look ridiculous when they are forced to wear/display the end product.
  4. It must come in a million colours so kids can buy a rainbow selection of colours even though they already have a million other pieces.
  5. It must be something that not only can you sell the product, but then you can make an app training the kids to use the product and sell that too!

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so I’m going to brush up on my knitting, embroidery and macramé skills to see if I can adapt these for the new craze. Maybe it’s time for specially patented colourful string that the kids can do finger knitting with, or even better, bring back the pom pom! Who doesn’t need a pom pom animal or clothing, key rings and accessories made from pom poms? I think I may be onto something here, as this definitely fits the bill for making parents look ridiculous!

What trends have your kids been hooked on, or what crazes would you like to see return?


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