Every day I kiss my kids goodbye as they leave for school and goodnight when they go to bed. I don’t think that this is a strange custom within families, however two of my kids tell me that the fact that I kiss them on the lips is considered gross amongst their friends, whereas the other two have confirmed their friends kiss their parents on the lips.

So I want to work out what is the correct family kiss etiquette! To me, a kiss on the lips is a more affectionate way to treat family, whilst a peck on the cheek is more distant, therefore appropriate for friends and acquaintances. I think that it is natural for family to be closer – therefore to kiss on the lips. In fact, I still kiss my parents on the lips when I greet them.

For those parents who kiss their kids on the cheek, have they done so since they were babies or is there an age where there is a lip-kissing cut off?

I understand that fathers and sons will reach a point where they no longer kiss (as Western society demands), but should fathers stop kissing their daughters too? 

So I guess I’m keen to understand is lip-kissing a cultural thing, does it follow what your parents set as a guideline or is there lip kissing etiquette of which I am unaware?

I guess the main thing is the fact that you show your kids that you love them and are openly affectionate – whether you plant your lips on their cheek or their lips.

Please comment and let me know what happens in your household and if you don’t kiss on the lips, what determined the change in this habit – I’m really keen to get an understanding of what is the norm!

Thanks mwah!


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One thought on “KISS ETIQUETTE  

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    See, I was a cheek kisser and going to leave it at that until my (now 4yo) son started going for a peck on the lips. I couldn’t think of a good reason I shouldn’t reciprocate, so now we part with a shared peck on the lips. I wonder when it will change, but for now, I am enjoying this unexpected detour. 🙂

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