The other night all my dreams came true! Without coaxing, our three daughters decided to prepare a three-course meal, each one taking responsibility for choosing and preparing a course (thanks to My Kitchen Rules, for their inspiration!)

We left the girls to their own devices preparing their dishes in the kitchen and my husband and I retired outside to have a pre-dinner drink. I commented to my husband that we were really living the life! Finally our kids had come to a point of preparing a meal for us, rather than just expecting a meal to magically land in front of them, as it does every night!

Our youngest daughter started with a bruschetta, which to my astonishment was as good as, if not better than, restaurant quality. She made an effort to plate the bruschetta nicely, with a garnish on the side. I must admit she set the bar pretty high!

The next course was a Spanish Tortilla prepared by our eldest daughter. She has chosen to prepare this as a cultural meal of Spain for a Food Technology assignment, so the practice came in handy. The meal was simple, but delicious, with my husband and I both having second helpings. Hopefully she prepares it as well as she did for us, when the pressure is on at school. 

Finally our other daughter prepared a dessert of chocolate mousse with crushed malteasers throughout, served with fresh berries. This decadent chocolate dessert was delicious but rich. Again the presentation was great, leaving us feeling like we had just eaten at a restaurant. 

The only difference between the experience of our home cooked meal versus visiting a restaurant was the kitchen aftermath. It looked like a bomb had gone off, with every utensil and appliance used!

As the girls dispersed after dinner, we enlisted the help of our son to assist with the kitchen clean up. I must admit, even elbow deep in greasy dishwater I still felt like we were living the life!

I now just hope that they are enthused to cook for us on a regular basis, as it is a handy life skill and relieves me of the tedious task of cooking! Seriously, Our Kitchen Rules!


(Picture courtesy of iosphere,


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