As a mother of four kids, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights – particularly since none of them slept through until they were two years old.

Now that my daughter is sixteen and has her first real boyfriend, I’m entering a new phase of a different kind of sleepless night – one that I think are may be worse than the toddler days.

The other night she went on a harbour cruise in town with her boyfriend. I knew his mother was driving her there and home so her safety wasn’t what was keeping me up – I just couldn’t sleep until I knew she had arrived home.

At first I intended on staying up until she came home, but as I wasn’t exactly sure what time to expect her, I thought maybe I was best to try to go to bed, knowing full well I wouldn’t sleep until she was home.

As I lay there in the dark, with my husband sound asleep beside me, I was thinking about the fact that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As our kids get older they will start socialising more and inevitably be out later than I want to stay up. At least when our kids were toddlers, they may have kept us awake, but they were safely tucked in bed. Will I ever get over the anxiety of waiting to hear the door open to ensure that my beloved kids are home safe and sound?

When my daughter arrived home, she quietly tiptoed upstairs as to not wake the family. I jumped out of bed to see that it was her and not an intruder, and to ask if she had a good time. I almost scared her to death creeping out of the dark of the night! It was then that I fully transformed into my mother and asked her in future to come to my room to let me know that she was home safe and sound. Visions of me at that age rushed through my head – arriving home just on my curfew and calling out to let Mum know I was home. I only had to call out to my Mum because like my husband, my father was always sound asleep too!

In a nutshell, my daughter had a great night whilst I had an epiphany that we are entering a new phase in our life – one where, when our kids are out socialising, my husband will sleep like a baby and I will lie awake until all my chicks have come home to roost for the night.

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One thought on “SLEEPLESS NIGHTS

  1. I do remember my mom now. Thanks for the post

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