It is this time every year, that I truly display what an inadequate mother I am. The kids have just started the school year and the teachers do something that makes me quake in my boots – they send home books to be covered in clear contact.

I am the world’s worst contacter! How a roll of clear shiny vinyl can cause such misery and frustration is beyond me! Over the years, I have taken advice from far more accomplished contacters than I (those perfect mothers who churn out covered books like they are professionals), but alas I still haven’t mastered the skill of creating a covered book that doesn’t have air bubbles and wrinkles in it. On a positive note, it does provide my kids with entertainment in the classroom when they push the trapped air bubbles around in the contact!

A few years ago I found the best thing since sliced bread (actually since I’m gluten free, I’m willing to deem it an even better invention than sliced bread!) –clear book sleeves! These are made to have an exercise book slip easily into the pre-made cover. They are simple to use, look great and if your kids look after them, can even be re-used. I use these as much as possible, however, the only shortcoming with them is that they only come in standard exercise book sizes. Whilst most of the books coming home are A4, there are still a few that are odd sizes and still require manual covering.

These books are normally covered in a precious piece of my child’s artwork, so I only get one shot at covering it. There is no peeling the contact off and trying again. I like to think my kid’s artwork takes on a three dimensional feel after I’ve finished with it! 

I’m not really the sort of person who likes to be incompetent at anything, but in this department I am willing to admit defeat and declare that when it comes to covering books, I will always be an inadequate mother!




Are you incompetent at covering books or are you a book covering pro? Leave a comment with any advice and tips you have!



(Photo courtesy of Africa,


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