As we are not far off the Winter Olympics, I’ve been thinking about all the hard work and effort that goes into qualifying at that elite level of sport. Of course the athlete competing has spent hours upon hours honing their skills and must have the aptitude and attitude to succeed, but it’s their parent’s selfless support that facilitates their child being able to follow their dreams. Without their parent’s encouragement when they were young, it would be near impossible to succeed at such a high level.


Think of all the training sessions these athletes had to be driven to and from, not to mention competitions locally, nationally and internationally! Add to this the money their parents have forked out to pay for training sessions, travel and equipment. These parents have forgone their own personal time to focus their energy (and money) on preparing their children to become the ultimate athletes they are.


I have multiple friends whose children are gifted athletes and playing in representative squads of their chosen sports. My friend’s social lives are nearly non-existent as they spend all their free time ferrying their kids to games and training. The higher level they compete in, the further it seems you have to travel!


So whilst it is an amazing achievement for these kids to reach these extraordinary levels, the unsung heroes are the parents who prepared them and supported them in their quest for greatness. They don’t receive medals and certificates in recognition for their sacrifices – instead, their reward is the pride they get from their children’s success!



(Photo courtesy of digitalart,


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