This is one of my favourite days of the year. The first day back at school is the only day when my kids are dressed and completely ready to go to school by 7am. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or excitement that spurs them on, but I wish I could bottle whatever it is and feed it to them daily! /p>

A normal school day morning consists of my husband and I waking the kids (sometimes several times), giving them breakfast, making lunches and then as the time for the bus gets closer a frantic nagging begins. What starts out as gentle reminders to pack their bags, brush their teeth and make their beds turns into louder demands to get ready, followed by threats of what the consequences are for missing the bus. This is usually the time when I am handed a permission slip to sign (that was meant to be returned a week ago for an excursion the next day) or told that they are missing their hat or other item of compulsory uniform.

With frazzled nerves I bid them farewell as they run towards the bus stop with fingers crossed they haven’t left their dash too late. 

I take a deep breath and survey the debris they have removed from their bags and wait with baited breath, hoping that they don’t saunter back down the driveway begging for a lift to school as they have missed the bus.

So today I am relaxed and relieved to know that my kids are capable of getting ready for school on time. If only I had confidence that they could do this every morning!



(Photo courtesy of nuttakit,

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