I’ve been absent for the last week as we have been boating in some of the most incredible waterways, nestled within pristine bush national parks that are a sight to behold – unless you’re a child! Then it is just that area that isn’t water.

One day we decided to go on a bushwalk to a stunning lookout and asked if the kids would like to join us. To our dismay, they said that it was boring and they weren’t interested. So we then came up with a new idea – we were going on a ‘scavenger hunt’. We came up with a list of items they needed to collect on the walk: a yellow flower; a heart shaped rock; a stick shaped like a slingshot; spot a wallaby (like a little kangaroo for those non-Australians) and a gumnut. 

Suddenly their interest levels peaked and they had a glorious time wandering through the bush looking out for the items on the list. We spotted a wallaby within a few minutes of walking and the rest of the items were easily found, with a bit of leniency given to how ‘heart shaped’ the heart shaped rock was. The reward when we got to the top was a fun-sized chocolate for the kids and the stunning vista of the lookout for the adults.

Sometimes the simplest things are achieved by thinking outside the square. By creating such a simple competition, the kids ended up enjoying themselves (as did the adults) and it gave us all some time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us, whilst giving us a bit of exercise.

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