I have been busy the last few days holidaying on our boat with family and friends so I haven’t had a chance to write a post.

The other night I noticed a school of fish so I rigged up a hand reel with my favourite bait (bread rolled into a ball so I don’t get stinky hands – I’m hard core like that!) I cast the line into the water and instantly started catching fish. I called out for my daughter’s friend to join me and handed her the line with a fish already hooked on the end. As I walked away she excitedly squealed that there was a fish on the line. I feigned surprise and helped her reel it in. She starting calling out to everyone that she had caught a fish for the first time ever and her joy was infectious.

I re-baited the line for her and lowered it to the ‘right level’ for her (again hooking a fish before handing over the line). Once again she squealed when she felt the fish on the line. This charade continued with everyone enjoying her naivety and her unbridled joy at her fishing conquests.

I have been doing this for years with my own kids so they know that if they instantly have a fish on line that I have caught it. I know from previous experience that kids lose interest really quickly if they don’t catch anything so by ‘assisting’ they are more engaged. Thankfully no one wanted to burst this girl’s bubble and I’m so glad that my kids didn’t ruin the experience for her by explaining that she wasn’t actually ‘catching’ the fish. As far as she was concerned she was a master angler and she will have a sweet memory forever of the first time she caught a fish.


(Picture courtesy of Africa, freedigitalphotos.net)



One thought on “GONE FISHING

  1. Yes you have done this many times! I’m sure for all three of mine..

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