I have recently heard of several ‘surprise’ pregnancies – one baby that has been born into a family with teenage kids who thought their days of babies and nappies were well and truly over, and one with a couple who had long ago agreed they wouldn’t be having children.


I am speaking from experience when I say that if you have decided that you don’t intend on ever having children in the future, that if you don’t do something permanent about it, then you are playing Russian roulette.


We had three delightful daughters and had decided our family was complete when we surprised with the conception of our gorgeous son. Luckily for us, there wasn’t too much of an age gap with our youngest and being a boy cemented the feeling that he was just meant to be. To this day I honestly don’t know how he was conceived as even though we were actively trying not to fall pregnant we ended up with our ‘surprise’ bundle of joy. During the labour with my son, I gripped my husband’s arm and stared him in the eyes before saying ‘Don’t you ever get me pregnant again!’ Soon thereafter he was booked in the ‘snip’ so that we didn’t have the possibility of another ‘surprise’ child.


The lady in the childless couple went to the doctor to see if he could help her get over a gastro bug. After the doctor felt her stomach to see if there were any unusual growths, he confirmed in fact there was – a baby. After an ultrasound she found out she was 24 weeks pregnant. It is quite a shock to come to terms with having a surprise pregnancy, but an even greater one if you had never intended on having children in the first place.


The baby born into the family with teens is being smothered with love and the family is adjusting to their new addition.


One thing is for sure, whether you plan them or not, once a ‘surprise’ baby is born, you can’t imagine life without them!



(photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici,

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