The term ‘sleepover’ is a bit of an oxymoron – we should really refer to these as ‘party all night stay overs’!


Holidays are a time filled with families exchanging kids night after night. We allow our kids to form bonds that can (apparently) only be achieved by having their friends stay the night.  

It usually consists of time playing, eating, watching a movie (that goes much later than anticipated) followed by the children going to bed. Notice I said going to bed – not to sleep, as very little sleeping is actually done at a sleepover. 

The kids attempt to feign ‘sleeping’ but the whispers and giggling is always a dead give away. My older kids have even given up on pretending to sleep as full on hysterical laughing and screeching usually resonates from their rooms when their friends stay. 

At least my teenage girls and their friends will sleep in the following morning, whereas my younger kids and their mates are awake and playing at the first sign of light. 

It is harmless fun and does form long lasting memories for the kids. I still remember the sleepovers I had as a kid. On a positive note, when the kids get reciprocated sleepovers it means that you get a quiet night whilst the other family gets to stay up all night listening to the kids not sleeping!



(Picture courtesy of David Castillo Dominici,


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