My kids have been on holidays now for six weeks and to be frank, they need to go back to school so I can restore my sanity. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I love that they enjoy playing with friends, but a combination of late bed times, convenience foods and friends leads to hyperactive kids who tend to push the boundaries of acceptable play, as they try to show off in front of their friends. 

Whenever I try to reign in this behaviour, the kids seem to have a laugh and roll their eyes at their friends then simply change from doing one annoying thing to another.

I don’t generally like to discipline other people’s kids, but yesterday I was driving with two youngsters in the car who thought burping was a hilarious thing to do. After one particularly offensive belch I tersely told my son to stop it, as it was disgusting. This led to a round of hysterical laughing as a little girl confessed she was the perpetrator. I then said, that regardless of who was doing it, it needed to stop as it was making me feel sick. Their solution to my problem was to ‘catch’ the burps in an empty water bottle so I couldn’t smell them. At this point, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

This type of behavior is totally out of character for my son, but with an audience, he will turn into the type of child that plays up just to get a laugh. I know that he is not alone in this change of behaviour, as I have witnessed other kids acting equally odd when surrounded by their friends.

I don’t really understand why kids feel the need to show off in front of their friends. Surely their true friends should like them for who they really are – not the person who tries to impress them (through burping or other disgusting behaviour).

Thankfully after an early night last night, normal food and just our family for company, my son has returned to his usual self. I now just need to dispose of the bottle full of burp that is rolling around in my car before it is inadvertently opened and gasses us all!



(Picture courtesy of Grant Cochrane,


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