I’ve barely had time to write a blog today, I’ve been so busy playing ‘Mum’s Taxi’!


This morning I dropped one daughter to a friend’s house for a play, picked up two of my eldest daughter’s friends and dropped them all to the beach. I then proceeded to pick up a friend for my son to have a play-date with before collecting school textbooks then headed home for lunch and supervised the kids swimming whilst labeling the school books.


I am now just about to collect my eldest daughter back up from the beach to drop her to work, before taking the other kids to the beach to meet up with friends. I am then driving to my other daughter to her friend’s house to drop her off for a sleep over.


I don’t mind running the kids around because I know they are all cramming meeting up with their friends into the last free days we have for these school holidays. If only I received frequent flyer points for all the mileage!


Well no time to write, I’ve got to get the car packed up with kids and get going!





(Picture courtesy of digitalart,


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